Equality, and respect towards other people’s race and gender have not always been accepted in society. Racism was terrible in the 1800’s where people were forced to work hard terrible hours in the cotton and tobacco fields, the trades, or boats, and not given proper care they needed. The Act of Parliament had freed African American races from slavery in 1807, but that definitely did not mean they had been treated fairly. During the reign of Queen Victoria, most African American people were discriminated and not looked as people but as slaves, servants, very poor, and were considered as prizes thatwere shown off by the wealthy.

In The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage I have changed Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage characters race to become African American. In the comic there is a part where Queen Victoria visits Lovelace and Babbage and the Queen is kind to them but very keen on the difference engine. With the races flipped I do not think the whole comic would have been the same. Queen Victoria would have come into Lovelace and Babbage’s workplace and demanded that they hand over the difference engine or be forced to make her own engine and if was not done they would be put in jail for not obeying the Queen’s orders. I also believe that Lovelace and Babbage could be paid as the Queen’s servants to make new inventions or difference engines. The reason for that would be so that the Queen could show all her friends at social events. Lovelace and Babbage would not be seen as people but more as an object or pet to keep around the house when needed. For example, when Lovelace made the kitten appear on the difference engine Queen Victoria got excited and it would be something she would want others to see. After the kitten appeared the Queen presented Charles Babbage with Knighthood. Having knighthood means having the title and status of a knight, the chance of that happening with the roles reversed is very little. It is extremely sad to think that because of what color skin you had, meant got you punished or treated unfairly when people could have lived freely like we do today.

Society has come a long way with discrimination and accepting all types of cultures. We still hear terrible events with inequality around the world, and it is something that will be impossible to completely shut out because people still continue to
discriminate. I do think that if people keep doing great acts around the world we as a society can see positive difference. For example America’s previous president Barack Obama was the first black man to become president and a important women like Rosa Parks who did excellent acts that impacted the world and African American people’s lives. We as a society can all be equal and live freely because of great people’s actions.

Do you think that if Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage had been African American, would they have received respect from people such as Queen Victoria or Sir William Rowan Hamilton?