We all perceive “normal” very different, what I may think is considered normal may be abnormal to someone else. For example: Ada is a “human calculating machine” because she has been raised by scientists and mathematicians and told not to get interested in other subjects like arts. If Ada was attending school in the present time and was just as intelligent she would be considered abnormal and most likely label her a nerd. Also, society may say it is normal for her to be intelligent because she is Caucasian.

Normal is to be like the people around you and to only do what you think is acceptable by society. It is hard to tell what normal is because it can be so different for everyone; many factors will come into play like how you were brought up, your own beliefs etc. To be considered “normal” you have to follow the norms the rest of society beloved in.

If Ada was growing up in this society people may consider her “abnormal” because she was very intelligent and it is rare for a female to be so advanced in the science and math.

We think of normal as being positive were if you’re abnormal it is considered to be negative.

Ada’s mother did not want her to be like her “nutcase” father, so when she began having an interest in poetry her mother made it seem that it was abnormal to be into poetry and she would only be accepted if she was a mathematician.

When it comes to behavior it is dependent on society. Whatever the norms are in society is what is considered to be normal behavior. For example: in the novel Ada was on her knees begging to Mary Somerville (illustrious writer and mathematician) aka master to help her learn high levels of math.

What if Mary Somerville was a male instead of a female? I think it would be an interesting shift to see if Ada would still call him master and still be on her knees begging to become a mathematician.

What if the setting was different? And it was based in the present time? I think that the story line would be very different. In today’s world people will do things that make them happy with or without the support of their parents.

If Ada was a male I personally think he would be able to become whatever he wanted in life. I think back in the day everyone tried to control women and wanted to mold them a certain way.

The novel would have a different perspective if it was from Ada’s point of view, we as readers would be able to know more about her feelings and thoughts. I think it would give a deeper connection to the novel.

I chose to flip the setting, gender of Mary and Ada because it would be interesting to read the novel from a different perspective and generation.

What do you think would make the biggest changes in Lovelace and Babbage? What would you change?