In another dimension, Ada Lovelace is raised during the 1980s in America. During the 1980s women were growing more independently while changing their role in society. Since Ada Lovelace was mainly raised by her mother, this social movement for women would be a great change for their family, especially in a female household. Ada’s single mother would be the main role model for a young lady like Ada growing up without a male influence in the family. Since this feminist movement was world changing, Ada’s perspective to observe how hard women were fighting for equality first-hand would be a valuable experience for her future as well as motivating her to always be determined. In the 1990s where the media is influencing ‘girl power’ the most, Ada would have more interest to proudly express her passions. As well as Ada living in a society where men and women are equals, her passions in the male-dominated industries like mathematics and engineering, would open so many opportunities for females like herself that would push her to a successfully obtain a job and further her career. 

I chose to flip the setting of the narrative because I wanted to see Ada Lovelace in an era where women were equal to men, unlike the Victorian era.  In America during 1980’s most of the old victorian gender norms would not be as influential as it was during earlier eras. In addition to 1980, Ada Lovelace’s mother would be fighting for societal changes for women and for Ada’s future. In the 1990s, Ada would have been in her teen years where empowerment of women was at its peak in society also where empowerment was influenced greatly through media. Another change in the narrative would be the normalization of the close relationship between Lovelace and Babbage. In the 20th century, it would be odd if an 18-year-old woman and a man twice her age were best friends. The age difference would be more appropriate if Babbage was a mentor or professor that helped Lovelace reach her potential goals for the future of technology. Since Lovelace and Babbage are not based in the Victorian era there would be no talk of the difference machine, there also would not be any male superiority, and intelligent women like Ada Lovelace would not have to be afraid to flaunt her intelligence.

Although the flip of the setting changes the story line completely it makes the reader realize that the morals of the narrative do not change. Although Ada Lovelace is living in the 20th century she does not lose her determination to pursue her passions in mathematics and engineering. In addition to expressing creativity through different types of mediums like engineering or poetry. The narrative also highlights the importance of empowerment of women. As well as the breaking of gender roles and societal norms. For instance, no matter the decade women should not be looked down upon due to their gender.

Did you think that it was weird to know that Lovelace was just 18 and  Babbage at 42 when she began their close friendship? If not then why?

If Ada Lovelace was a male in the 20th century, do you think he would have a problem with the feminist movement?

If Ada Lovelace was of immigrant decent and a female in America during the 20th century, would she still have the same opportunities available?