Gender is the “state of being male or female (this is typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than its biological ones”. When we go into public restrooms there are signs that tells us where we should go; this determination is through biological differences between male and female. But in our society today, there is much more freedom of how you want to identify yourself, some restaurants or public places such as the airports support “All gender washrooms” or “Gender Neutral”. This was not the case many years ago. The social norms today allows people who are transgender (or people who choose to identify themselves however they please) get that freedom to do so.

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The pages that I chose to focus on are pages 52-56, I have decided to flip the genders of Lovelace and Babbage.
The reason that I chose these pages, are because the representation of gender roles seem very interesting to me. Sydney Padua tells us as the readers, how both Lovelace’s and Babbage’s childhood was like and how they were raised.

Lovelace was raised mostly by her mother, crowding her with strict rules, this made her cry independent and also super lonely as a child. Her mother made her practice sitting up straight throughout her stay sessions, this was a discipline that Ada’s mother made her do when she was just 5 years old. The reason for this harsh discipline was because Ada’s mother did not want her to inherit her father’s desires of “Poetry”.

Babbage was raised in a wealthy family, who provided him a big fortune after his father died, he was “appointed to the Cambridge Location Chair of Mathematics” (Page 35). As he was growing up, Babbage was in love with Mathematics, this intelligent character was described as an “innovative genius and constant drama and strangely petty quarrels” (Page 35)

PAGES 52-56- How is gender represented?

Within the narrative of “The thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage” in pages 52-56 Lovelace is inside the Engine working hard and getting to work.This shows that how the gender representation of females are flipped, instead of Babbage getting his hands dirty and working as hard as Ada, he is casually “making a cup of tea”. Lovelace does not care what Babbage is doing, as he shouts “making a cup of tea” she utters in a tone of annoyance “Do not need to know what you are doing every five minutes”. As Babbage expresses concern that she has been in the engine for days, she replies by telling him that it’s not DAYS that she has been in the engine but only 1.237 (days). This shows how Ada doesn’t care about the amount of hours or days she has been working, she just wants to get her job done. After looking at his calendar he realizes that the date is wrong and that, THE QUEEN WAS VISITING. The cartoon shows how Babbage is messy and cluttered. The Gender representation of male and females are shown as; males are forgetful and lazy whereas females are hardworking.

Flipping the Genders:
If I were to flip the genders of Babbage and Lovelace, females would be represented as lazy, forgetful and messy whereas males would be represented as hardworking and organized. The significance in representing males in females, create meaning of how gender could be positively or negatively represented. The normative in our society today does not distinguish whether a certain gender is more organized, intelligence or have good control of emotions. But in the Victorian era, as the comic book is written in, women are represented negatively; while men positively. Flipping the gender of Lovelace to a male character would mean that the stereotypes of males, is being met, and vice versa with the character of Babbage. The representation of how males and females are represented in the comic seems to be meeting the opposite of the stereotypical representation of males and females.