Works as Human Counting Machine

Studied Mathematics

Country United Kingdom


Horse riding






Lord Byron Father

Anne Isabelle Byron Mother

Charles Babbage Intellectual partner

William King Husband

Byron King Son

Ralph King Son

Anne King Daughter


  • Anne Byron Posted an article: “Numbers” of reasons to avoid poetry       
    • Lord Byron commented on the post: Even to avoid poetry she will need to know what’s poetry
  • Ada Byron and Charles Babbage are now friends
  • Ada Byron Updated her status: Excited to work with Babbage on Mechanical Engines
  • Ada Byron got into an Intellectual Partnership with Charles Babbage
  • Charles Babbage posted on Ada Byron’s Wall: Mathematical puzzle of the day
  • Ada turns 19
  • Ada Byron gets married to William King
  • Ada Byron has changed her name to Ada Lovelace
  • Ada Lovelace started reading the book Poetry in Numbers
  • Ada Lovelace updated her status: The more I study, the more insatiable do I feel for it to be.


Member of the Private Group Aristocrat Women

Member of the Secret Group Secret Poets Society

Member of the Secret Group Feminists


When it come to facebook profile, I hardly see the likes or interests of a facebook friend. Reason for this is because I myself do not like those pages on facebook which I like in real life.

I think I spend a considerable amount on facebook, around 10-11 hours per week on facebook. But my time is all spent on talking with friends, reading news. I rarely post my thoughts on facebook. If I am burning with desire to post something I have made my own group in which I am the only member, I post in that group and avoid to post on my facebook wall. However, we all have friends who post there day to day activities on facebook.

I have created a facebook profile which gives an incomplete understanding of Ada Lovelace.

  • Do you think a person who does not know who Ada Lovelace was, would ever be able to understand the real Ada Lovelace from just a facebook profile?
  • We stalk people online and make perceptions about them. Have you ever Had an experience where you made a perception in your mind for someone you did not meet in real life?
    • Afterwards, if you got to know that person in real life, was your perception about that person right or wrong?
  • Does your own personal profile represents who you are in real life?
  • Imagine that your profile on facebook explains everything (every detail about your past, present and hope for future) about you, would you want someone who has not met you in real life yet, to decide on the basis of whether he/she should choose to meet you in real life or not?