Welcome to Facebook! Please login at the top right hand corner. I put in my email address and password and start my morning creeping my newsfeed for any updates or interesting profiles that capture my attention. Hmm, upper class fashion – nope! Dinner party invites, opera shows, and theatre, I’ll pass over that. Ah! Ada Lovelace! Let’s creep her!! Okay! Full name, Augusta Ada Lovelace aka. Ada Byron. Status: Countess of Lovelace. Gender: Female, of course. Daughter of George Gordon (1788-1824) aka. Lord Byron and daughter of Lady Anne Isabella Millbanke Byron. Hmm, birthplace: London, United Kingdom. Birthdate: December 10, 1815; wow she’s old! Zodiac sign: Sagittarius. Oh okay, here we go! Occupation: mathematician and computer programmer. Computer programmer?! How?! Let’s see…Relationship with William King in 1835…wow only 19 years old at the time!! She enjoys living in her own imagination which gives her the power to do what she wants when she wants! That seems..interesting. Childhood was rough and lonely; yeah Lady Byron didn’t seem all that nice anyways. Lady Byron insisted that Ada get tutored in mathematics and sciences in order for her to avoid becoming like her father, which was moody and unpredictable. No wonder Lord and Lady Byron didn’t last long as a married couple.

Okay, adventures here we go! Around the age of 17, Ada met Charles Babbage who was a mathematician and inventor of an analytical engine. What’s an analytical engine? The analytical engine that was created by Charles Babbage was more commonly known as the difference engine. It was used to perform mathematical calculations. Ada got to view the engine! That’s way too cool!! Moving on, Ada was asked to translate an article written on Babbage’s analytical engine, from French to English. She also voluntarily added her own thoughts and ideas on the functioning of the machine. Her thoughts and ideas focused more so on how certain codes could be created that would contain letters, symbols and numbers as well. I wonder how she came up with that idea! That is brilliant!! Her work was published in 1843 in an English-Science Journal. It seems as though she was a gifted individual who could really use her imagination to uncover certain details that most people could not understand at her age! Oooh! She later tried to develop codes for gambling schemes that would help people win! And, they failed. How unfortunate! I guess you can’t be right all of the time. At least she lived a fairly great life with many opportunities that helped her succeed! What an inspiration!

Many people that use social media today tend to view people’s profiles and make judgments based on what is written on their platform. Whether it be good or bad, the individual sitting behind the computer screen only can see the outer layer of what the individual is like. What they don’t know is what really happens behind closed doors. Based on the dialogue shared above, what can you conclude about Ada Lovelace and her life? Is there anything that can be said negatively about her life (without reading the book)?