Charles Babbage

Inventor of the Analytical Engine & Difference Engine

Lives in London, United Kingdom

Born December 26th, 1791

Works for: Queen Victoria

Likes: Steam Engines, Mechanics, Technology, Math, Science, Queen Victoria, Ada Lovelace

Interests: Likes to experiment with the Analytical Engine & Difference Engine to test their limits, Likes to solve problems and fight crime with Ada Lovelace, Likes to get funding from the Queen in order to make more technological inventions

Status: “Queen Victoria just stopped by the workshop. What an honour. Unfortunately she wasn’t amused with my invention at first because it didn’t stop crime. However, Lovelace saved the day and now we’re getting double the funding for our invention. She said it’ll help her in the little scheme to take over the world. That’s weird don’t you think?”

“Duke of Wellington just caught us off guard and stopped by our workshop. What’s with the intrusions all the time? He said that our funding will be cut if we don’t help with the current banking situation. To the difference engine we go!”

“Solved the issue. Who knew we just needed to renew public exuberance in investing in innovate new technologies!”

“I have finally succeeded in eliminating all errors from mathematical tables by the use of my machinery. On to fixing the alphabetical production of our kingdom! Wish me luck.”

“Finally my beta test release is here. Who will be the first to try it out?”

“First test of the day. 380 pages of data too! Let’s see how it goes!”

“Everything went just as planned! Except for the cat ruining everything in the end.”


This is a Facebook profile that I made of Charles Babbage in The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. Everything that is presented in his profile such as his status, likes and interests are all connected to the Victorian Era within the narrative. The Victorian Era was a time of peace, prosperity and refined sensibilities which helped me in creating Charles Babbage’s Facebook profile. Charles Babbage was very fond in putting work into his inventions and ran multiple experiments with them to ensure they were properly functioning. The Analytical Engine was a clanging, sputtering steampunk contraption with gears, cogs, an infinite staircase and a maze of hallways. This steampunk contraption was an alternate history of what truly happened as the sub-genre enabled the reader to understand how people in the 19th century might have envisioned such inventions.

Would our representation of characters change if the narrative was set in a different era? Would the Facebook profile look different if it was set in a different era?