Writing Tips – Essay #2 I will be working through the passage below briefly highlighting some possible approaches to the questions outlined in Essay #2. Here’s the passage: “My appearance was part of the problem. I was overweight, and had been for as long as I could remember. My bankrupt […]

Essay Tips!! (#2)

What we’re looking for in The Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage is how the novel represents a nice exit point for some of the major themes of the course–the quest, friendship, immortality, history, alternative universes (or spaces), technology–and also brings us to encounter interesting questions around gender, erased histories, the […]

Week 12 – Lecture Notes

This week, as I noted in class, we will be meeting in NW0620. Please make sure you arrive on time so we can get to the gameplay as quickly as possible. It will be a fun class, so make sure you attend–this class is always a highlight. NW0620 is located […]

Week 11 – Lecture Notes

This is more of an on-line lecture than simply notes. This covers off most of what we would have talked about in class this week. Try to answer a few of the questions in here and make sure you finish ready the book. One of the central textual allusions or […]

Week 10 – Lecture Notes

We’re turning our attention toward writing the next essay and building a familiarity with some of the skills you might want to use in order to complete the essay. Try not to forget about the role of Stuart Hall’s Encoding / Decoding and the role it plays in the final […]

Week 9 – Lecture Notes

On-Line Lecture #8 – Themes Remember to start approaching these questions with an eye to reviewing the course. So, think about all the stuff we learned about in the first half of the course and how it might be applied to themes. For instance, a lot of the questions below […]

Week 8 – Lecture Notes

Some Writing Tips for English 1102: Essays for English Literature Some basic rules: Work from the text, outward. Start with a specific example from the text and work toward explaining how that example means something. Avoid big contextual statements about meaning and / or representation Make sure you have the […]

Essay Tips!

These are the readings we will be discussing over the next two weeks Code Poems: William Gibson’s poem Agrippa and the accompanying context pages Read and download this .pdf from Ishac Bertram that gives a few examples of “code poems.” Read Elizabeth Bishop: “Sestina” Read E. E. Cummings: “r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r” and […]

Week 7 – Lecture Notes

Thinking About Things We Share shared language shared audience shared speaker shared values Narrative – Mystery Novel / Detective Fiction What does narrative mean? Why would we need to refer to something called narrative? What purpose does it serve? Narrative How complicated is narrative really? How do we tell cultural […]

Week 5 – Lecture Notes

Lecture #4 – Week 4 – Sept. 30, 2016 DRAFTING CLASS NEXT WEEK Bring the following to class next week, printed on paper: the selection from the text you have chosen to work with for Essay #1 a thesis sentence a point form outline of your essay (one that surveys […]

Week 4 – Lecture Notes

Old library room with tall shelves and curved ceiling and lots of books.
Lecture #3 – Week 3 – Sept. 23, 2016 BUY YOUR BOOKS!! (Week 5 the bookstore begins returning their stock) All of these questions will be approached through Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore Let’s talk about character: How does a character represent something? How can a character represent a theme? What […]

Week 3 – Lecture Notes

Welcome to the online home of English 1102.002: Reading Themes in Literature (Digital Culture). Please take a moment to review the following before arriving at the first class: The Course Outline – this has all the information you need about the course, due dates, expectations, procedures, etc. Please review this […]