About Us

The Digital Cultures Lab is a team of researchers at Douglas College and beyond who work with digital media in higher education. We explore the effect emerging digital technologies are having on the practices of teaching, researching, and communicating. We work on research projects that feature a digital component or that explore the multimodal forms of communication. Our team is a collective of skill-sets ranging from the discipline-based–critical analysis, problem solving, the development of research questions–to the technical–computer coding languages, technological implementation, user interface design.

The Digital Cultures Lab functions as a central hub for the implementation of digital research projects for faculty, students, and community groups working with Douglas College. The Lab works to put students with technological skills together with faculty who want to build digital spaces for the dissemination and presentation of research projects. We also work to engage faculty and students in investigations that explore the relationships between digital technologies and knowledge creation through workshops, social media, and project-specific team-building.